For All or For Many? Pope Benedict Explains

Cornelius Jansen

The year was 2003 and we were motoring through the French countryside, visiting wineries and restaurants and cathedrals and churches.  A Dominican priest served as spiritual director for our pilgrimage.At one of the most beautiful basilicas (I think it was in Bordeaux), we stopped to pray at a side altar, in the left transept of the church.  Over the altar hung a remarkable painting of the Crucifixion; but Jesus’arms were not outstretched on the Cross, as He is usually depicted.  Instead he h … [Read more...]

Convalidation: From “Marriage Lite” to Sacramental Graces

This morning my husband, Deacon Jerry Schiffer, convalidated the marriage of a young couple.  It was a beautiful ceremony, which highlighted the importance of Christian marriage, with its accompanying graces, over a civil union.I’ve asked his permission to publish his remarks as a guest blog. *     *     *     *     * HOMILY FOR CONVALIDATION CEREMONY Once again, welcome to everyone from all of us here at St. Linus!  And a very special welcome to Eric and Alissa since they are the reason for th … [Read more...]