You Want Water? Well, Get a Bucket….

Water Bucket

Water has been big news in Detroit this week.That's because the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has issued shut-off notices to thousands of delinquent customers, who have an average past-due bill exceeding $500.  And in a city facing bankruptcy, more than 90,000 of the 323,900 residents are delinquent in paying their bills.  According to an AP report, the amount of past-due payments exceeds $90 million.But did public sentiment turn against the procrastinators, those who were so d … [Read more...]

Andy Griffith Studied to Be a Moravian Minister!

Andy Griffith

Before the Andy Griffith Show…  way before Matlock… Andy Griffith made his film debut in the black-and-white film “A Face in the Crowd.”  He played a country boy, a complex young man with a mean streak.  A power-hungry drifter, who achieved success—first as a television host, and then in the political realm.Director Elia Kazan cast Griffith as the lead in the 1957 film, and his co-stars included Patricia Neal, Lee Remick, Walter Matthau and Tony Franciosa. Griffith was raised Baptist.  Wh … [Read more...]

Rosebud: You Absolutely Can't Take It With You!

Ain’t that the truth?! Was Orson Welles thinking about eternity when he scooped up the Academy Award for his blockbuster hit film “Citizen Kane”?  Probably not—just as you and I are not usually thinking about eternity when we acquire a bigger home, the newest electronic gadget, another item for our collection of DVDs, athletic jerseys, or teacups. Welles was a young man of 25 in 1941 when he wrote, directed and starred in the film which was voted “best film of the previous century” by the Ame … [Read more...]