St. Patrick’s Feast Day Has Been Hijacked–Don’t Give Away the Parade, Too!


TODAY IS ST. PATRICK'S DAY, and in New York City, there's going to be some kind of a parade or something.I'm kidding.  Everybody knows that America's largest, oldest and most famous St. Patrick's Day Parade takes place on March 17 in New York City.  Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day--or so they say!--and for 253 years, New Yorkers have been celebrating the feast of the Catholic saint by marching a mile and a half down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  This year, an estimated 150,000 mar … [Read more...]

Begin Advent With Joy, Courtesy of Scott Hahn

Joy to the World

Lowly shepherds.  Skilled astronomers.  An evil king.  An unaccommodating innkeeper.  A pregnant virgin.  A nurturing foster-father.  A host of heavenly beings.  Some cows, and a baby. *     *     *     *     * This cast of seemingly unrelated characters is brought together in an unlikely pastiche that has become one of the most familiar stories of all time:  the Christmas story.   And it's possible--even likely--that you simply accept this improbable story without challenging its veracity.  Bu … [Read more...]

Planning a Catholic Thanksgiving

Hey, Catholics!  Does your Thanksgiving look any different from anyone else's?If the mention of Thanksgiving brings to mind images of  plates overflowing with turkey and stuffing, triptophan-induced afternoon naps, and football, maybe there's something you could do to kick it up a notch--and to really do what the holiday suggests, and Be Thankful!Our parish is one of several parishes which helps out on Thanksgiving morning at a local soup kitchen, serving turkey and all the trimmings to t … [Read more...]