Oscar Winners Who Wear the Cross


I saw an amusing article today, probably drawn from last night's Academy Awards, featuring photos of Oscar winners and Oscar nominees posing with their former selves.  It's pretty cute, so check out all nine pictures if you'd like here.My interest was piqued, though, by two stars in particular:Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, who won Best Actor in a Lead Role for his role in Dallas Buyers Club.And Sandra Bullock, who was nominated for her role in Gravity but who lost this year … [Read more...]

Another Sign That Obama Has Lost Hollywood

Cher with Obama

Maybe it's a moot point, since the success of Russian diplomacy means that the President's plan to bomb Syria will not move forward.  His militant, pro-war stance may, though, have finally tarnished his presidency in the eyes of the Hollywood elites.A case in point is singer and outspoken political activist Cher.Cher has been a big Obama supporter.  With that other liberal media darling, Kathy Griffin, she endorsed Obama and produced a pro-abortion, pro-Obama video.This week, though, … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus and Her Daddy’s Achy Breaky Heart

Miley Cyrus - foam finger

It was 1992 when country singer Billy Ray Cyrus first cradled his newborn daughter, Destiny Hope, in his arms.  She was perfect; and as he counted her tiny fingers and toes, he imagined great things for her future.She was given the name “Destiny Hope” because her parents believed she would do great things.  She acquired the nickname “Smiley” (later shortened to “Miley”) because as an infant, she smiled so much.It was important to Billy Ray that his new baby know about God; so he raised he … [Read more...]