Appreciating Mary in a New Way

Gifts of the Visitation

Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste, to a town of Judah....  You know the rest of the story:  Mary went to the home of Zechariah, where she greeted her cousin Elizabeth, who was with child.Sometimes, though, it's really good to see the familiar tale from a different perspective.  That's what I enjoyed about Denise Bossert's new book, Gifts of the Visitation: Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth.On the one hand, I knew about John leaping in his mother's wo … [Read more...]

The Metaphor of the Immovable Ladder

The Immovable Ladder  (Photo credit: Diana von Glahn, The Faithful Traveler)

Some years ago, a coworker told me the story of the Vacuum Cleaner and the Bow.  My coworker was by nature a neatnik, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper and his mail in the trash as a matter of habit. When he married a woman who was a clutterer, there began a silent war between the two.  She left the upright vacuum cleaner sitting in the living room; and after several days, he made his point--adorning it with a large red bow.  There it stood from that time forward, a reminder of the great ch … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Holy Land Peacemaker; But Will It Work?

The world's a mess, it seems.  The downed airplane in Ukraine; the drug cartels and irrepressible violence driving children northward from Mexico and Central America; the unremitting terrorism in parts of the world where Islamists seek to impose their culture by force....And of course, the rising tensions in the Holy Land, where Israel and Palestine continue their struggle to define their borders. *     *     *     *     * And into that strife between Israel and Palestine, Pope Francis inte … [Read more...]