St. Patrick’s Feast Day Has Been Hijacked–Don’t Give Away the Parade, Too!


TODAY IS ST. PATRICK'S DAY, and in New York City, there's going to be some kind of a parade or something.I'm kidding.  Everybody knows that America's largest, oldest and most famous St. Patrick's Day Parade takes place on March 17 in New York City.  Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day--or so they say!--and for 253 years, New Yorkers have been celebrating the feast of the Catholic saint by marching a mile and a half down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  This year, an estimated 150,000 mar … [Read more...]

Archbishop Cordileone Defends Teacher Morality Clause in Open Letter to Legislators

"Salvatore J. Cordileone" by Ffeeddee - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, archbishop of San Francisco, has issued a measured, respectful, yet strong response to an open letter from eight California legislators.  The legislators had demanded that the archbishop revoke an archdiocesan policy which requires teachers in Catholic schools to be respectful of Church teachings.Archbishop Cordileone is known as a lover of the Church, and a staunch defender of Catholic teaching.  In his role as chairman of the United States Conference of Cath … [Read more...]

Church Vs. State: Six Court Cases To Watch

The year 2015 has begun with some high-profile legal cases pitting the Church against the State.  The following six cases will impact Church/State relations, and should be of particular interest to concerned Catholics. 1.  CONESTOGA WOOD SPECIALTIES On Friday, January 23, the Obama Administration was required to pay $570,000 to cover attorney fees for Conestoga Wood Specialties, costs incurred in its federal lawsuit challenging the Obama administration abortion-pill mandate. The mandate forces … [Read more...]