Taking Comfort in Faith: Stories Emerge Following Malaysian Flight Disaster

Philip Wood

Philip Wood worked on the other side of the world; but last week, he returned home to Keller, Texas to spend time with his family before moving from Beijing to a new home in Kuala Lumpur.Now it appears that his loved ones may never see him again.  Wood, an IBM executive, was aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which lost contact with air traffic control and disappeared this weekend over the South China Sea.There will be other stories emerging about the other passengers aboard the … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Loses Voice, Delivers a Silent Message of Love, Hope, Repentance

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has lost his voice—and strengthened his vision.FoxNews’ popular conservative radio and television talk show host has recently learned that his vocal chords are temporarily paralyzed, leaving him unable to speak.  Doctors expect that the condition will come and go; but Beck expects to regain his voice soon.  For now, unable to voice his thoughts on Monday’s show, he resorted to using black and red markers to tell his viewers what he wanted to say.And it was powerfu … [Read more...]


An old friend of mine, Michael Jayson, sent me this video recently, and I know you’ll love it, too!  Michael and I worked together in the ‘80s at Christian station WMUZ in Detroit.  We once broadcast live from The Palace of Auburn Hills, which was presenting a performance of “Young Messiah” with an ensemble of well-known Christian recording artists.  Later, Michael and I were colleagues again at the University of Detroit Mercy.  Anyway, here—singing from the Third Part of Handel’s “Messiah,” the … [Read more...]