Pope Francis Says Hello to Chocolate Selfie

Pope Francis in chocolate

All right, no Pope-sickle jokes, you hear?At an audience on Wednesday, February 5, Pope Francis was introduced to a life-size sculpture of himself, carved from a 1.5-ton block of dark chocolate.The tasty Pope Francis is the work of chocolate artist Mirco Della Vecchia, an instructor at Rome's Accademia de Maestri Cioccolatieri.   Della Vecchia and his 20 students worked for a full month to create the chocolate pontiff, using dark  chocolate from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.The aw … [Read more...]

Snow Day? This School’s Announcement Will Make You Smile

Snow Day

It's snowing again!  Here in southeast Michigan, schools and districts are expected to announce a new round of school closings as the temperature drops and we head back to the deep freeze.In Burlington, Kentucky, one school principal got tired of hearing himself deliver the same old "School Closing" message after nine school closings in the 2013-14 school year, and he decided to have a little fun.  James Detwiler, principal of Stephens Elementary, enlisted the help of drama teacher Chad C … [Read more...]

“Non-Visible” Art Carries a Stiff Price Tag

Hey, Pssst!  Want a Great Deal on an Invisible Pony?I recently read a story about newly styled art aficionado Aimee Davison, who paid the notable sum  of $10,000 for a “non-visible” piece of art.  Asked why she spent so much money on something she couldn’t see, Aimee explained that she identified with the ideology of the project.  In particular, she was inspired by one sentence:  “We exchange ideas and dreams as currency in the New Economy.”  The work, aptly titled “Fresh Air,” is the creat … [Read more...]