Jason Bach’s Catholic Cartoons Both Tickle and Teach

Jason Bach

On Valentine’s Day 2013, Jason Bach posted a cartoon on his personal Facebook page—and a new career was launched.  Readers loved it and shared it—more than 4,000 times.Jason, who had been drawing comics for as long as he could remember, realized he was onto something, and that if he drew it, people would come.  Incredulous at the response, Jason launched a new website to showcase his original comics.  Explaining how it all happened, Jason says: “This made me think that maybe there was an und … [Read more...]

Westboro Baptist’s New Arch-Enemy: A Five-Year-Old Girl

Lemonade for Peace

A five-year-old girl in Topeka, Kansas, has taken on the cause of world peace; and since Friday, June 14, she’s raised more than $16,000 for her cause.Jayden Sink sells lemonade across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, the controversial church which has scorned homosexuality by picketing soldiers’ funerals, celebrating massacres like September 11 and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and protesting in front of the Holocaust Memorial Museum.Jayden was inspired to open t … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck Loses Voice, Delivers a Silent Message of Love, Hope, Repentance

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has lost his voice—and strengthened his vision.FoxNews’ popular conservative radio and television talk show host has recently learned that his vocal chords are temporarily paralyzed, leaving him unable to speak.  Doctors expect that the condition will come and go; but Beck expects to regain his voice soon.  For now, unable to voice his thoughts on Monday’s show, he resorted to using black and red markers to tell his viewers what he wanted to say.And it was powerfu … [Read more...]