Charlie Hebdo Rejects Support from Catholics

The French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, darling of the media since the unfortunate attack on its offices in Paris, continues to offend.In Charlie Hebdo's latest issue featuring the Prophet Mohammed, which has already sold five million copies, the editors mocked Pope Francis in an editorial.  According to the Catholic Herald, the editorial in the new edition makes reference to protests by Femen, a radical feminist group that recently staged a topless protest in Notre Dame cathedral.  The ed … [Read more...]

NYTimes Op-Ed Columnist Has His Head in the [Parisian] Sand

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof can't figure out who's responsible for the Charlie Hebdo bombing.  And for that, I nominate him for a Lifetime Award for Politically Correct Obtuseness.In a January 7 op-ed, Kristof asked, "Is Islam to Blame for the Shooting at Charlie Hebdo in Paris?"  He chastises Americans for their rash judgments, despite the fact that these guys apparently entered the building chanting "Allahu Akbar!" and terrorist Cherif Kouachi, who picked up the phone and tal … [Read more...]

Dear Pope Francis: Please Take Care of Yourself–If Not for You, Then for Us

"Not to worry!" says the Vatican, with regard to security for Pope Francis' upcoming travels to the Muslim-majority country of Albania.In a statement issued Monday, September 15, Rev. Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, said despite recent “worrying” events that had shocked the world, there is no specific threat to 77-year-old Pope Francis as he prepares for his one-day visit to Albania on Sept. 21.  Therefore, the Vatican has announced, no extra security measures will be added. *     *   … [Read more...]