North Carolina “Choose Life” License Plates “Unconstitutional”, Says Federal Court

Choose Life License Plate

The Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld a judge's ruling that North Carolina's anti-abortion "Choose Life" license plate is unconstitutional.At issue is that there is no plate supporting the competing (pro-abortion) viewpoint. There is no plate which reads “Abortion Is Good” or “Choose Death”.Actually, there were some proposals from the abortion rights side which were proposed but rejected in 2011, when North Carolina lawmakers approved the “Choose Life” plate. Rejected prop … [Read more...]

Unborn Babies Feel Anger and Joy, Says Heidelberg Study

Unborn baby - tiny

They are happy. They are angry. They are fearful. They like music. And already, they like sweet treats.In fact, babies in utero experience a wide range of sensory input at a much earlier stage of development than once believed. That's the result of a study from Heidelberg psychotherapist Ludwig Janus, reported February 9 on, the on-line German-language Catholic newspaper.Dr. Janus' research showed that the unborn child can already feel emotions, such as anger and joy. … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: “I Join the March for Life With My Prayers”

March for Life 2014

The media's love affair with Pope Francis may have just ended.Left-leaning journalists who thought he was going to be soft on the issues must have been disappointed when today, the Pope tweeted: "I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers.  May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable." In late 2013, Pope Francis drew criticism from some conservatives and praise from pro-abortion forces, when he said that the Church should not emphasize its teaching on … [Read more...]