Seals & Crofts Get Into the Act: They, Too, Were Pro-Life

Thank you to Joe Shannon for sharing Seals & Crofts' song with me.  "Unborn Child" is not one of the songs that I had on my list, but I'm pleased to pass this along to you. … [Read more...]

Playing Martha to My Husband’s Mary

My husband and I went in two different directions today.He, a deacon, has been helping out in the last week before our new pastor arrives, so he preached at two Masses this morning.  He helped a kindly but somewhat befuddled visiting priest, hugged a newborn baby, talked to a hundred or so souls and wished them a happy holiday.I cleaned the house.I had attended the vigil mass yesterday, so I had fulfilled my obligation.  And we have company coming this week, so there was much to d … [Read more...]