Saint Gilbert? Chesterton Cause Gets Underway


G.K. Chesterton, the rotund Catholic writer whose acclaimed works include poetry and apologetics as well as biographies of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Thomas Aquinas, is one step closer to sainthood.The Diocese of Northampton today announced that Bishop Peter Doyle had appointed a priest to begin the study of Chesterton’s virtue and life.  According to the statement which was released today, “The Bishop has appointed Canon John Udris, a priest of the Diocese and currently a spiritual dire … [Read more...]

Death by Living: Life Lessons from the Pen of N.D. Wilson

Death By Living_Book Cover_High Resolution

Sometimes ordinary words and grandios ideas put on their Sunday best and go dancing, a tango of poetry and prose, and the journey is as important as the destination.N.D. Wilson’s latest book, Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent, is like that.  I found myself closing the covers but continuing the conversation, my imagination inflamed by Wilson’s vibrant storytelling.Lacking the denouement of a novel, Death by Living is Wilson’s personal journal, an intimate recounting of life lived … [Read more...]

All Wrong, All the Time: The Tawdry Literature of Nicolas Restif

Nicolas Restif

Dirty books, quickly and carelessly written—almost 200 of them.That’s the legacy of Nicolas-Edme Restif de la Bretonne, prolific French author whose works showcased the sordid aspects of French life and society in the 18th century.  Restif’s writings included a plan for legalizing and regulating prostitution, as well as a vast array of novels, plays, and essays on a wide range of topics.His 16-volume autobiography, Monsieur Nicolas, begins with stories of sexual experiences beginning in e … [Read more...]