Next Sunday, I’ll Be Going to Church. Where Will You Be?

Sunday's coming.  Where will you be?I got into a discussion recently with some good Catholic friends about going to church on Sunday.  To my surprise, several of them had recently failed to fulfill their Sunday obligation to attend Mass. I'm pretty sure this is not a unique phenomenon among believers, even among those who consider themselves faithful Catholics.Sometimes, people will explain away their having missed the Sunday liturgy:  They had a headache; or they were out l … [Read more...]

“Kiss of Peace” Becomes “Meaningful Eye Contact” to Protect Against Ebola

Precautions - Fort Worth Diocese

With Ebola now claiming more than 4,500 lives, the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas has taken steps to reduce exposure to potential Ebola cases in their parishes during liturgical celebrations.As of October 14, the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), OCHA and local governments have reported a total of 9,216 suspected cases.   The threat is real:  At a press conference October 14, the assistant director-general of the WHO reported that there … [Read more...]

The Dalmatic Is Dramatic. But Where Did It Come From?

Priests wear chasubles.  Deacons wear dalmatics.My own husband is a deacon, so I already know that.  An awful lot of Catholics don't know, though, how to tell the difference between the liturgical attire for a priest and a deacon.Here's a big hint:  Sleeves!The chasuble, the outer garment worn by a priest during Mass, does not have sleeves.  The deacon's dalmatic is a matching garment, in the same liturgical color, but it has wide sleeves.This has been on my mind since I read thi … [Read more...]