Dear Choir Director: Let’s Make a Deal

 I try hard not to be a cranky Catholic.  I may have a personal preference, but I can appreciate all kinds of worship styles, even those that some folks regard with disdain:  Organ and guitar.  Choir and community.  Gregorian chant and David Haas vocals.  Latin and vernacular.I do have one issue, though, which no one from the post-Vatican II era of the St. Louis Jesuits seems to understand:  I can't pray over the sound of pop music.That means that as I approach to receive commu … [Read more...]

What Part of “Keep Holy the Lord’s Day” Don’t You Understand?

 Ah, Summertime!Time to kick back, forget to set the alarm clock, enjoy a leisurely breakfast over the morning paper.... BUT WAIT!  The clock is ticking.... and if you don't hurry, you'll NEVER make it to Mass on time!What, you can pray as well out in nature, you say?  Blah, blah.... But here's the thing:God told us, in the Third Commandment, to "Keep Holy the Lord's Day."  That's "holy" as in "pray."  Devote that one day each week to Go … [Read more...]

Future Priests? Around the World, Children Playing “Mass”

Isaiah Vogt celebrating mass

Perhaps you saw this:The YouTube video of Catholic author Brandon Vogt's three-year-old son Isaiah "celebrating Mass" with his new mass kit was a hit on YouTube in 2012.Young Isaiah Vogt was demonstrating what he'd learned in church, watching his pastor celebrate the Latin Rite Mass. *     *     *     *     * Meanwhile, across the world, children are more familiar with the Sacred Mysteries, the Eastern Rite liturgy.I recently ran across this video from Russia, where children are p … [Read more...]