Hurray! CVS Pharmacy, Peddler of Health Products, Will Stop Selling Cigarettes

CVS cigarettes

It's been a decade or longer since my little local drug store, a small chain called Arbor Drugs, closed up shop and the property was sold to CVS Pharmacy.I still remember, though, how shocked I was upon entering the new establishment for the first time, to find that the entire front of the store was filled with crap that was harmful to people:  cigarettes and cigars; liquor; sleazy, off-color magazines, and junk food, marketed with their in-your-face, you-need-this-everyone's-doing-it … [Read more...]

A Burgeoning Market for Papal Kitsch


Hoodies, t-shirts, aprons—even doggie apparel.In the wake of the “Pope Francis Effect”, all of these items and more are now available in special Pope Francis editions.Britain’s Catholic Herald reports that since the election of Pope Francis, sales are up 20% for papal gear:  clothing, key rings, tea lights, and various papal paraphernalia.  And indeed, Catholics With Attitude, a custom printery which offers t-shirts in the U.K. and right here in the United States, has a large assortment o … [Read more...]

Is It Rude to Tell an Atheist He’s Wrong?

Atheism billboard

This week a sparkling new digital billboard went live on Times Square.   On the corner of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, the large sign features white letters on a blue background reading:The animated billboard in Times Square joins several low-tech stationary versions in New York and San Francisco funded by Ken Ham, the founder, CEO and President of the creationist organization Answers in Genesis.  Ham’s organization, which teaches young-earth theory and disputes evolution, also funded con … [Read more...]