Bartholomew: Any Friend of Jesus Is a Friend of Mine

Any Friend of Jesus’ is a Friend of Mine.  And this week, we remember one of Jesus’ closest friends—one of the Twelve, in fact—St. Bartholomew.This is a guy we really don’t know much about.  In fact, it seems like the more we learn, the more confusing the story becomes! … [Read more...]

Holy Grail, Holy Girls, and Holy Grill

Lawrence before the Roman prefect Valerius

On August 10, the Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of St. Lawrence of Rome.I remember his story from my childhood:  His name is evocative of romance, of danger, of grit and guts and grace.  Among the hundreds of saints who have been formally canonized by the Church, St. Lawrence stood out in my youthful mind as a sort of Robin Hood figure—loving the poor, jovial in his daring example before the King.In particular, I was entranced by three stories from his life:  the legend of the sacr … [Read more...]

Poor Mr. President—There’s Just Too. Much. News.


Well, I’ll bet Mr. Obama is sputtering into his beer.  Just as it seemed things were getting kinda quiet on the religious liberty front, along come the Catholics to stir the pot. By now, you’ve heard the news:  Forty-three Catholic dioceses and organizations filed suit today, asserting that the HHS Mandate is unconstitutional.  Dioceses including Washington, New York; the Michigan Catholic Conference (representing all the dioceses in the state).  Universities including The Catholic Universi … [Read more...]