ORDINARY TIME: Living Life in the Slow Lane

Ordinary Time

Ah, we Catholics love a party!  And what is the liturgical calendar, if not a great excuse to put on our finery and enjoy a feast, celebrating the hallmarks of our faith with explosions of color and light and song!During the Christmas season, giddy with the news of the Christ Child’s birth, we decorate our churches and our homes with fragrant greenery, golden baubles, heady red poinsettias, and twinkling lights to rival the stars in the winter sky.Likewise, Eastertide—when the liturgy ref … [Read more...]

I LOVE THE PINK CANDLE! The Significance of Gaudete Sunday


How often a good idea finds expression in the rich liturgy and tradition of the Church!GAUDETE SUNDAY is a case in point.  The word gaudete (pronounced gow dĕ’ tā)—Latin for “rejoice”—is actually the first word of the Introit (Entrance antiphon) of the Mass for that day.  And rejoice, we do!But first, about ADVENT:  The word means “coming” or “arrival”; and during the four weeks of Advent, we prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ Child at Christmas.  The air is rife with expecta … [Read more...]

“To Hope! A Celebration”: Dave Brubeck’s Jazz Liturgy UPDATED

Dave Brubeck

UPDATE:  Tom Loewe, co-host of the wonderful "Notes From Above" show on Ave Maria Radio, offered some great insights into the life of Dave Brubeck.  If you're a jazz fan, you won't want to miss Tom's tribute show this week!  Details below about Brubeck's life and music from Tom himself. Brubeck was, and will always be, one of the great icons of Jazz. He was the first Jazz artist to sell a million records with “Take Five” back in 1959 and his opus of recordings since that time is truly massive. H … [Read more...]