Holy Is His Name!


If you’ve got a fresh Christmas tree, the needles are beginning to drop on the carpet.  If your tree is artificial, you’re still getting restless, thinking about how you like the armchair in its regular place in that corner by the window.But wait! Don’t take your Christmas tree down yet!The news of Christ’s birth, of God’s taking human flesh and becoming one of us, is so important, so mind-boggling, that the blessed Season of Christmas continues until January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. … [Read more...]

“To Hope! A Celebration”: Dave Brubeck’s Jazz Liturgy UPDATED

Dave Brubeck

UPDATE:  Tom Loewe, co-host of the wonderful "Notes From Above" show on Ave Maria Radio, offered some great insights into the life of Dave Brubeck.  If you're a jazz fan, you won't want to miss Tom's tribute show this week!  Details below about Brubeck's life and music from Tom himself. Brubeck was, and will always be, one of the great icons of Jazz. He was the first Jazz artist to sell a million records with “Take Five” back in 1959 and his opus of recordings since that time is truly massive. H … [Read more...]

Swords and Saxophones: The Music of the Pontifical Swiss Guard

Swiss Guard - Advent concert

Since the 14th century, the Pontifical Swiss Guards have protected the Pope and have stood guard at the boundaries of the Vatican City State.  In their boldly striped uniforms (reportedly designed by Michelangelo), their ceremonial halberds at their sides, they are a colorful symbol of the Vatican.I’ve seen the Swiss Guards standing at attention beside the Vatican’s Petriano entrance and at the great bronze doors of the Apostolic Palace.  I know of their respect and deep affection for the Pop … [Read more...]