G.K. CHESTERTON and IRON MAIDEN: An Incredibly Unlikely Juxtaposition

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, English writer, is known for his published works on philosophy, ontology, poetry, plays, journalism, public lectures and debates, literary and art criticism, biography, Christian apologetics, and fiction, including fantasy and detective fiction.But did you know that he penned a hymn?And did you know that the heavy metal band Iron Maiden used Chesterton's lyrics in their recording "Revelations"?"O God of Earth and Altar" was written in 1906.  Its second verse … [Read more...]

Sr. Cristina Covers Madonna’s Raunchy “Like a Virgin”–And Turns It Into a Prayer

Sister Cristina

You remember Sister Cristina--the Italian nun who made a splash on social media last year after winning first-place in Italy's version of "The Voice"?  The peppy nun has released her first single from her debut album, a cover of Madonna's 1984 hit "Like a Virgin."The Madonna video, filmed on gondolas in Venice, was downright raunchy.  Sister Cristina has taken the controversial song and turned it into a heartfelt prayer.  Instead of copying Madonna's suggestive writhing and skimpy clothing, S … [Read more...]

Joseph Bottum, Man of Letters, Pens New Carols for Christmas

Joseph Bottum is one of the nation's most widely published and influential essayists--in fact, earlier this year I reviewed his recent book An Anxious Age (spoiler:  I loved it).But did you know that he's also a composer?  Apparently,  Jody has been writing Christmas carols for several years.  In a recent column on "The Font" at Patheos, Bottum explained why he writes  Christmas songs: "...We need what we lack, here in late modernity—a living connection with the past, a density of referenc … [Read more...]