Collin Raye: A Voice (and a Faith) Undefeated

Collin Raye - book jacket 001

Collin Raye is a man of immense talent:  a country singer with 24 top ten records and sixteen #1 hits.  He's been nominated ten times for Male Vocalist of the Year (5 CMA and 5 ACM).But it's not Collin's fame or fortune, not his successful music career or his business acumen which have shaped him into the man of God he is today.I knew this the first time I heard him tell his story, when I attended Ave Maria Radio's 15th anniversary concert with Collin Raye.  A few years later, I met u … [Read more...]

The Singing Priest Gets a Record Deal

Fr Ray Kelly

No surprise:  Fr. Ray Kelly, the "singing priest" from Ireland, has been offered a record deal by Sony and Universal.His surprise for Chris and Leah O'Kane at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony, a personalized version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", has garnered more than 34 million views on YouTube in only three weeks, catapulting the clergyman to international prominence.The Irish Times reports today that Fr. Kelly has been offered two separate record deals with Sony and … [Read more...]

Latin Is Lovely, But Vernacular’s Spectacular

Choir singing

Recently I overheard a woman speaking angrily on the way out of church. She was upset that the parish had recently reverted to Latin for the Agnus Dei and the Sanctus. Not the whole Mass, mind you; just those two brief and familiar Latin settings. “Why should we go backward?!” the woman exclaimed.I'll tell you why: Latin is a universal language. As Catholics, we are not just this small group, this ladies' altar society, this community of believers. No, in faith we reach beyond this subu … [Read more...]