VIGILANTE SHOPPER: Utah Mom Buys Entire Stock of Obscene T-shirts

Judy Cox - PacSun Shopper

A Utah mom who was upset about a line of indecent t-shirts featured in the window at a local store solved the problem in a unique way: She bought them all.Judy Cox was shopping with her teenage son at University Mall in the city of Orem, about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, when they saw a provocative new line of t-shirts in the window at PacSun store. The shirts from the “Visual by Van Styles” line, intended for young men, featured semi-nude women in suggestive poses. At least two of the … [Read more...]

Books-A-Million Does the Right Thing!


I am SO PLEASED, and this was not even my story!A few days ago, Patheos blogger and NRO writer Nancy French published an article about her recent visit to Books-A-Million with her children in tow.  Near the children’s section, in plain view, were an assortment of provocative books featuring obscene and near-pornographic covers.  (Click here for the original article, including photos of some of the featured titles.This kind of stuff makes me crazy.  Besides that, I wanted to support Nanc … [Read more...]