Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: St. Francis at the United Nations

People in the small town of Gubbio, Italy, lived in fear.  A ferocious wolf lived in the countryside near the town, and the wolf had attacked the townspeople so that they were afraid to leave their homes.  Frightened that the wolf would kill their children or themselves, the people of Gubbio turned to St. Francis, known as a peacemaker, to intervene. According to legend, Francis went out to meet the wolf with no weapons, only the message of the Gospel.  Francis quietly spoke to the wolf, cal … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Holy Land Peacemaker; But Will It Work?

The world's a mess, it seems.  The downed airplane in Ukraine; the drug cartels and irrepressible violence driving children northward from Mexico and Central America; the unremitting terrorism in parts of the world where Islamists seek to impose their culture by force....And of course, the rising tensions in the Holy Land, where Israel and Palestine continue their struggle to define their borders. *     *     *     *     * And into that strife between Israel and Palestine, Pope Francis inte … [Read more...]