Five Years in Heaven: A Young Man’s Unlikely Friendship with an Elderly Nun

Five Years in Heaven

When I first saw the title of John Schlimm's new book, Five Years in Heaven, I thought I'd be reading another in a long chain of near-death experiences:Don Piper, a pastor, was in a serious car accident. Paramedics at the scene declared him dead and laid a tarp over the window of his car, after his heart stopped beating and he was without a pulse for ninety minutes. Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, was afflicted with a deadly E. coli bacterial infection, and lay comatose for seven … [Read more...]

Inklings of the Gospel: Fr. Robert Barron’s Latest Book Finds Meaning in Popular Culture

Seeds of the Word

Raise your hand if you remember CliffsNotes.  Those black and yellow-striped study guides were a boon to the hapless undergrad who lingered too late at the fraternity kegger, squandering his time with new friends when he should have been studying for his Lit exam.  For just a few dollars, CliffsNotes offered a quick plot summary, description of the characters, and analysis of the theme.  Ideally, CliffsNotes would be a companion to the complete masterpiece, offering insights without replacing the … [Read more...]

The Surviving Audio of C.S. Lewis Talking About Prayer

C.S. Lewis audio file

During World War II, C.S. Lewis gave a series of radio addresses to the British nation.  His words inspired people who were tired of war, and the series was later published as a book titled "Mere Christianity."Unfortunately, most of the BBC reels were recycled; and Lewis' prophetic voice was almost lost to history.  One reel survived, however--a talk about prayer and evolution. … [Read more...]