THE COEXIST CONUNDRUM: Noble Goal or Pie-in-the-Sky Ideology?


Inspired by the "CO-EXIST" photo picked up by Tito Edwards (, I thought I'd repost an article  which was first published about a year ago.  I liked it then-- still do!Can’t we all just get along?Do you remember Rodney King? He was the African-American who was beaten by Los Angeles police officers after a traffic arrest in 1991. The beating, which was caught on videotape by a bystander—and the subsequent acquittal of the officers involved—enraged the black community in that city … [Read more...]

Cornelio Fabro: Apostle and Missionary of Culture

Had he lived, Italian philosopher and Thomistic theologian Father Cornelio Fabro (1911 – 1995) would have been 100 years old on August 24.The founder of the Institute for Higher Studies on Unbelief, Religion and Cultures, Father Fabro was a prolific writer, a follower of St. Thomas Aquinas whose works explored the worldview of Danish Christian philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. In his Participation and Causality, an analysis of the work of Aquinas, Fabro identified the notion of participation as … [Read more...]