Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul: Chesterton's "The Convert"

On January 25, the Church celebrates the Conversion of the Apostle Paul.  Remember: Paul was en route to Damascus, in his quest to persecute the Christians, when he was thrown from his horse, blinded by a vision of Jesus Christ.People turn their hearts to Christ for many reasons:  They begin to study the scriptures or apologetics, and they are led by their intellects.  Someone in their life, a very holy person, inspires them to dig deeper. They experience a health crisis, or find help in a ti … [Read more...]

Blessed Marianne Cope: Have You Heard of Her?

Reverend Sister Marianne Matron of the Bishop Home, KalaupapaTo see the infinite pity of this place, The mangled limb, the devastated face, The innocent sufferers smiling at the rod, A fool were tempted to deny his God.He sees, and shrinks; but if he look again, Lo, beauty springing from the breast of pain!— He marks the sisters on the painful shores, And even a fool is silent and adores. Robert Louis Stevenson Kalawao, May 22, 1889On November 16-18, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops … [Read more...]

Tryst of Titans: Hanky-Panky in the Heavens?

Scientists have recently released a report suggesting that the Earth may once have had two moons: the one we see in the skies tonight, and a smaller one which catastrophically slammed into its larger cousin. What was left was a single amalgam, with the remaining moon flattened on one side by the cataclysmic impact.Of course, no one—not even your Great-Grandfather—can remember that far back; so we’re left to speculate what power, what primal urge, may have brought them together. I have my own id … [Read more...]