Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address Left Me Underwhelmed. Here’s Why.

I tried to find things to like about the 2015 State of the Union Address.  Despite my frequent disappointment at the words and actions of this President, I would have been happy to find myself joining with other Americans in support of his noble vision for America.  This was, after all, to be his "Legacy" speech, as he winds down the final two years of his presidency.Alas, I was disappointed again.  While Obama's demeanor seemed more stately than in some earlier addresses, his message was def … [Read more...]

Just Another Baby in a Dumpster…. (UPDATED)

Breaking news January 15 in the suburbs of Detroit.  According to WDIV-TV: Roseville police said an autopsy will be done on a newborn boy whose body was found Wednesday in a dumpster.Police said the newborn was found by workers who were sorting recyclables at the RE Community Recycling on Groesbeck.Police also said the newborn was estimated to be between one and three days old, and there were no visible signs of trauma to the newborn. Police also said trash and recyclables come to the ce … [Read more...]

Obama’s Community College Plan: WHO Gets to Pay for It?

On Friday, January 9, President Obama introduced a new plan to open community colleges to all by offering free tuition.The President's proposal--which is unlikely to receive support from the Republican-led Congress--would pay the entire cost of tuition for two years at a community college for any American who wanted it.  State and local governments would have to join the effort, with 75% of the cost (roughly $3,800 per year, per student) being borne by the federal government, and the … [Read more...]