On August 6, Gay Marriage Goes Back to Court in Michigan

Same sex couples wait to apply for Michigan marriage licenses in March 2014

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has set August 6 as the date to hear oral arguments in the case brought by Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer, a lesbian couple who wanted to be permitted to marry in their home state of Michigan.In March, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman struck down the voter-approved Michigan Marriage Act which prohibited marriage between members of the same sex, calling it unconstitutional.  His decision was put on hold by the appeals court, however--but not before … [Read more...]

African and Other Leaders Meet in Paris, Declare War on Boko Haram

French President Hollande with leaders from African nations at the conclusion of the Security Summit in Paris

French President François Hollande took the lead against terrorism Saturday, May 17 in Paris, bringing together five African heads of state to adopt a regional action plan to fight against the Nigerian armed Islamist group Boko Haram.In a joint press conference, Cameroonian President Paul Biya said, "We are here to declare war on Boko Haram."Recognizing that Boko Haram has become a major threat in Africa, the Summit participants announced a plan which includes "intelligence coordination, … [Read more...]

Michigan’s Representative Carl Levin Targeted Conservatives in IRS Scandal – UPDATED

Carl Levin (D-MI)

When the IRS targeting scandal broke last year, officials in Washington attempted to cast the blame for its targeting of conservative groups on an IRS regional office in Cincinnati.  The IRS used glaring orange and yellow warning labels on files related to select conservative issues of concern for "tea party" organizations.Now the scandal, which led to a charge of "contempt of Congress" for former IRS official Lois Lerner who blocked the investigation, has reached into Michigan.  Letters … [Read more...]