Arab News: “Pope Francis Should Declare Islam a Religion of Peace” – UPDATED

Pope Francis washes the feet of young inmates at Casal del Marmo, a juvenile detention center in Rome, on Holy Thursday

Remember that Holy Thursday liturgy, at which Pope Francis washed the feet of a young Muslim girl in a Roman detention facility?Well, that humble gesture seems to have gained the attention of Islamic adherents, who now hope that the pope will take another step forward by declaring that Islam is a peaceful religion.According to MENAFN-Arab News, the Middle East North Africa Financial Network, an envoy from Al-Azhar has expressed hope that ties between the Muslim world and the Vatican … [Read more...]

Two Atheists Who Changed Their Minds—And Why

Religion Today

ATHEIST NUMBER ONE Last night, my imagination was sparked by an entry I read over on Reddit.  The long comment, titled “An Atheist’s Love Letter to /r/Catholicism”, had been posted on the /r/Catholicism subreddit.  The writer, an atheist, had been confused by the recent publicity surrounding Pope Francis’ statements on atheism, and stopped by the /r/Catholicism subreddit to ask a question.  There, to his surprise, he found not division and criticism and mockery, but genuine theological discussio … [Read more...]

Breathtaking Disrespect: Pope-Emeritus Benedict Portrayed in Condoms

Pope Benedict made of condoms

I’m speechless. In a convergence of chutzpah and bad taste, Shorewood (WI) artist Niki Johnson has used 17,000 multi-colored condoms to create a larger-than-life portrait of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.  She has titled the creation “Eggs Benedict”.Just like the fawning ministers in Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, modern-day art critics have reacted to the art piece with enthusiasm.  Critics from the United States and around the world have called the work, which … [Read more...]