The Silent Sound of Tears: A Reflection on the Holocaust

Seventy years ago today, Allied Forces liberated the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, known as the "death factory."  On this day, we remember the victims and we search our hearts:  How could this inhmanity have happened in the modern world? Professor Robert P. George of Princeton offered some sober insights in an essay on the subject.  "The Holocaust," he wrote,"...did not begin with the mass killing of Jews or other ethnic or religious minorities, or even Hitler's political opp … [Read more...]

Birds Didn’t Work Out, So the Vatican’s Trying Balloons

Each year on the last Sunday in January, it has been the custom for the Pope, accompanied by children, to release a pair of doves into St. Peter's Square from his window in the Apostolic Palace.  The tradition, begun by Pope John Paul II, is a poignant symbol of the Vatican's call for peace during January.Or at least, that was the custom.  Last year the popular tradition turned to disaster when two children released doves from the Pope's window, only to see them attacked--first by a seagull, … [Read more...]

Something New to Worry About: Will a Typhoon Hit the Pope’s Mass?

This just out from CNN:  A typhoon with winds approaching 75 miles per hour and heavy rain is approaching the Philippines--and heading right to where Pope Francis' big outdoor Mass is supposed to be held on Saturday.The Mass is planned in Tacloban, where 6,300 people died in 2013 in Super Typhoon Haiyan.  This year's storm, Typhoon Mekkhala, has not been that fierce and is not expected to make landfall until two hours after the papal mass begins.Still, though, what a worry!  Even the he … [Read more...]