Pope Francis and the Napkins

Pope Francis joins the staff for lunch in the Domus Sanctae Marthae

Over at Aleteia, Roberta Sciamplicotti offers an interesting article about the Pope's home, Suite 201 of the Casa Santa Marta, the Vatican City guest house where he first stayed during the Conclave.  She writes about Vatican watcher Aldo Maria Valli's tour of the residence, where Pope Francis has won the hearts of the staff with "...his simplicity, his sincere and genuine way of relating to others, and also his openness and trust in those who, like myself—despite being a journalist and therefo … [Read more...]

Pope Marries Cohabiting Couples? No News Here, Folks!

Newly married couples watch as Pope Francis leads general audience in St. Peter's Square at Vatican

All week, I've been reading that Pope Francis plans to marry 20 couples in St. Peter's Basilica this weekend--and that some of them are cohabiting (oh my!)--and some even (horrors!) have children.Good gracious! There is an undercurrent of insinuation, that once again Francis is breaking the rules of the Church, striking a new chord, changing the "business as usual" approach of his predecessors Benedict XVI and John Paul II.Here, just look at the breathless expectancy in this lede from t … [Read more...]

Vatican Announces “Ninety Minutes for Peace” Charity Soccer Match – UPDATED

Italy's goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi present a "tree for peace" to Pope Francis in August 2013

UPDATE:  It's over!  Victors in the "Ninety Minutes for Peace" charity soccer match September 1 in Rome were Javier Zanetti's Pupi Foundation.  The foundation--as well as the opposing team Scholas Occurrentes, which was organized by the Vatican--raised funds to support educational programs for at-risk kids. The highlight of the game, according to the Associated Press, was Maradona's lobbed pass which set up the winning goal by Roberto Baggio. The Pupi Foundation players had been down by two goa … [Read more...]