Something New to Worry About: Will a Typhoon Hit the Pope’s Mass?

This just out from CNN:  A typhoon with winds approaching 75 miles per hour and heavy rain is approaching the Philippines--and heading right to where Pope Francis' big outdoor Mass is supposed to be held on Saturday.The Mass is planned in Tacloban, where 6,300 people died in 2013 in Super Typhoon Haiyan.  This year's storm, Typhoon Mekkhala, has not been that fierce and is not expected to make landfall until two hours after the papal mass begins.Still, though, what a worry!  Even the he … [Read more...]

Charlie Hebdo Rejects Support from Catholics

The French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, darling of the media since the unfortunate attack on its offices in Paris, continues to offend.In Charlie Hebdo's latest issue featuring the Prophet Mohammed, which has already sold five million copies, the editors mocked Pope Francis in an editorial.  According to the Catholic Herald, the editorial in the new edition makes reference to protests by Femen, a radical feminist group that recently staged a topless protest in Notre Dame cathedral.  The ed … [Read more...]

Is Pope Francis Safe from Terrorists?

Is Pope Francis really safe from Islamic extremists?  One has to wonder.  The Islamic State has been known to hold a grudge (Charlie Hebdo, of course, being the most recent case in point).But fearless in the face of the brutal slaughter of the comic artists in Paris and countless others in Middle Eastern countries, Pope Francis has spoken harshly against ISIS and their "unjust aggression" of "deviant forms of religion."Speaking to the diplomatic corps in his State of the World address, th … [Read more...]