BREAKING: Head of the Swiss Guard Removed From Post

Swiss Guard Commandant Daniel Anrig

Daniel Anrig, commandant of the Swiss Guard, will no longer serve in that post, effective the end of next month.That is the announcement which was published today in L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican's official newspaper.Although no explanation was provided, The Telegraph reports that it's widely believed Pope Francis prefers a "warmer, more inclusive style of governance" and found the commander's manner overly strict and "Teutonic."  According to The Telegraph's Nick Squires, reporting … [Read more...]

Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: St. Francis at the United Nations

A page from the "Canticle of the Creatures" by Francis of Assisi

People in the small town of Gubbio, Italy, lived in fear.  A ferocious wolf lived in the countryside near the town, and the wolf had attacked the townspeople so that they were afraid to leave their homes.  Frightened that the wolf would kill their children or themselves, the people of Gubbio turned to St. Francis, known as a peacemaker, to intervene. According to legend, Francis went out to meet the wolf with no weapons, only the message of the Gospel.  Francis quietly spoke to the wolf, cal … [Read more...]

Pope Francis’ New Idea: Raffling Off His Stuff for Charity!

Pope Francis riding in a Fiat during his trip to Brazil

A Fiat.  A coffee maker.  Some bikes.These are among the gifts which Pope Francis has received from fans and visitors.  And rather than stashing the unneeded items in a closet or a garage, this most practical pontiff is raffling them off to raise money for the poor and homeless.Posters advertising the raffle have gone up around Rome.  The raffle tickets, priced at 10 Euros ($13), are on sale at the Vatican Post Office and Vatican Pharmacy, as well as at the Museums and the Pilgrim and Tou … [Read more...]