Pope Francis: The Church Is a Loving Mother

Church as mother

In his Wednesday Audience on September 18, Pope Francis returned to the theme of the Church as our mother.  “I like this image a lot,” he explained, “as it seems to me that it tells us not only how the Church is, but also shows us the face the Church, this Church of ours, should increasingly show.”The message reflects back to the writing of St. Cyprian, Father of the Church, in the early third-century.  Cyprian said, "No one can have God as Father who does not have the Church as Mother".  … [Read more...]

Surprise, Dr. Scalfari! Pope Francis Answers an Atheist’s Questions, and Reaches Out to Unbelievers

Eugenio Scalfari, co-founder and former editor of Italy’s most popular newspaper, La Repubblica

Pope Francis continues to surprise.  This week, the surprise is his thoughtful message to an atheist journalist—and through him, to all unbelievers. *     *     *     *     *On July 7, 2013, prominent Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari, an atheist, wrote an article in the center-left newspaper La Repubblica challenging Pope Francis to explain some key points in the Scriptures.  On August 7, Scalfari continued that line of questioning.“I do not think he will respond,” said Scalfari … [Read more...]

The Pope and the President: Two Approaches to the G-20 Summit

Obama and Putin

As the G-20 Summit gets underway in St. Petersburg, things are tense between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.The Russian president has warned that a U.S. military strike against Syria would be considered “an act of aggression” if the move was not first unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council.  And just yesterday, Putin accused Secretary of State John Kerry of “lying” to Congress over al Qaeda’s involvement in the Syrian conflict.  According to Reuters, … [Read more...]