History Repeats Itself: Lepanto and the Current ISIS Crisis


The Muslims had a distinct advantage. They greatly outnumbered the Christians whom they oppressed. Their weapons were superior; their resolve was great; their willingness to kill anyone, even children, for their cause made them an unbeatable foe.Included in their army of determined Islamists were Christian slaves who had been forced to renounce their faith, and to join the Muslims in their assault on Christian townspeople.The Holy Father, realizing that the Muslims had a decided material … [Read more...]

Dulia and Hyperdulia: Do Catholics Really Worship Mary?

Catholics worship Mary

Repeat after me:  Catholics do not worship Mary.Catholics do not worship Mary.Catholics do not worship Mary.I mention this because that scurrilous claim has turned up several times recently in my comment boxes.  The accusation has shown up in response to various posts, tossed in by some well-meaning, God-fearing Christian who wants to protect society from the Catholic Church.In his or her mind, prayer to the Mother of God is the ultimate evidence of apostasy:  The Bible clearly sa … [Read more...]

Pope Francis, Holy Land Peacemaker; But Will It Work?

Pope Francis in Bethlehem

 The world's a mess, it seems.  The downed airplane in Ukraine; the drug cartels and irrepressible violence driving children northward from Mexico and Central America; the unremitting terrorism in parts of the world where Islamists seek to impose their culture by force....And of course, the rising tensions in the Holy Land, where Israel and Palestine continue their struggle to define their borders. *     *     *     *     * And into that strife between Israel and Palestine, Pop … [Read more...]