U.S. Military Counts Catholics Among Dangerous Extremists?

"Religious Extremism" - Slide 24 of U.S. Army Reserve training program (Enlarge to read more clearly)

QUESTION:  Al Qaeda, Hamas, Catholics and the KKK.  What do these groups have in common?ANSWER:  All of these groups are “dangerous extremists” according to the United States Military.In a training program for military reservists, the U.S. Army Reserve has included Catholics in a bulleted list of religious extremists.  Explaining “extremism” for their new recruits, the military training slide explains: Extremism is a complex phenomenon; it is defined as beliefs, attitudes, feelings, acti … [Read more...]

Reader Feedback Time: Is Tim Tebow a Religious Bigot?

Tim Tebow

NFL superstar Tim Tebow may just possibly be a religious bigot.That was the concern I expressed last year in an article titled The Tebow Phenomenon:  Two Kinds of Prejudice.  I looked at the blatant anti-Catholicism expressed by Tim’s father, evangelical missionary Bob Tebow.Today,  Yahoo! Sports raised the issue once again, announcing that Tim Tebow has agreed to speak at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, on April 28.  You see, the pastor of First Baptist is the controversial Re … [Read more...]

Flailing Fists of Fiery Faith: Angry Words at Dearborn’s Arab Festival

“And they’ll know you are Christians by your love, by your love….” Easy to sing.  Not so easy to remember, when you’re facing off with someone from the Other Side.  Y’know what I mean?Dearborn, Michigan has the distinction of having the highest population of Muslims per capita of any city in the United States.  Approximately 30% of Dearborn residents are Arab-American.So it’s no surprise, then, that Dearborn would host the annual Arab International Festival, the largest outdoor gathering of A … [Read more...]