Guangbiao Chen Wants You to Know How Great He Is

Chen at press conference

Pride, said Saint Thomas, is the queen of all vices.  The saint understood Pride to be that frame of mind in which a man, through the love of his own worth, aims to withdraw himself from subjection to Almighty God, and disregards the commands of his superiors.  It is a kind of contempt for God, and for those whom he has placed above us.  It is mortally sinful.I mention this to introduce eccentric Chinese multimillionaire Guangbiao Chen.  You may have heard of him recently:  Chen, whose net wo … [Read more...]

Father Corapi–Back in View?

Fr. Corapi

Is Father John Corapi still trying to restore his reputation and return to active ministry?In 2011, Father Corapi was removed from public ministry as a priest, following allegations of misconduct.  Since that time, he has consistently maintained his innocence.And now, in a March 18, 2013 post on a new Facebook page titled Vindication for Fr. Corapi, the disgraced priest says: “In light of recent happenings, all the accusations against me and all the controversy….  A lot of these things a … [Read more...]

Analytics Is a Siren

Pride 3

I subscribe to Google Analytics.That means that I know everything about You, the Readers of this blog:  Where you live, what you read, whether you’ve been here before or you’re a first-time visitor, how many minutes you hover reading “Seasons of Grace” in the morning….And I’ve come to regard my fascination with statistics as sinful.It’s gratifying to know that more people around the world know about what’s going on in this blogspace than knew, say, a year ago.  Insatiable, my ego clam … [Read more...]