Another Ecumenical Gesture, This Time in Norway: Lutheran Cathedral Hosts Catholic Ordination

Nidaros Cathedral

For the first time since the Reformation, a man has been ordained to the Catholic priesthood in Norway's Nidaros Cathedral, which is built over the burial site of St. Olaf, Norway's patron saint. Built from 1070 to 1300, the Romanesque and Gothic Nidaros Cathedral is the northernmost medieval cathedral in the world.  It was a Catholic cathedral until 1527, when it was taken over by the Lutheran Church during the Reformation. Bishop Bernt Ivar Eisvig, the Catholic bishop of Oslo, ordained … [Read more...]

British Priest Who Died During “the Troubles”: “I Am Only Doing God’s Will”

Funeral for Fr. Gerard Weston

The paratroop brigade thought the world of him.  His friends described him as "gay, outgoing, generous and energetic."On February 22, 1972, Fr. Gerard Weston, chaplain with the Paratroop Regiment in Belfast, died along with six civilians when the Irish Republican Army detonated a car bomb at Aldershot, a town southwest of London.  It was the first major act of war against the British Army on English soil.The young priest had been ordained by Archbishop Heenan in 1960, and spent his first … [Read more...]

Nonpracticing Detroit-Area Priest Gets 16-Year Sentence in Porn Case

Nonpracticing Catholic priest Timothy Murray

Timothy Murray, a nonpracticing Catholic priest, was sentenced today to 15 years and 8 months in federal prison for possession and distribution of child pornography.In 2004, Murray was pastor of St. Edith Catholic Church in Livonia, Michigan when reports surfaced that he had abused a 13-year-old boy at another parish where he had served in the mid-1980s.   The Archdiocese of Detroit immediately removed him from ministry, although at the time, Michigan's statute of limitations meant that M … [Read more...]