Discouraging News About Priests? Here’s How to REALLY Help

Roman collar

Prayer Warriors, you are needed.This week has brought stark reminders of the vulnerability and the vincibility of priests:  From the disclosure of Cardinal Mahony’s inaction in the 1980s, when he failed to remove abusive priests from positions of responsibility, to the reports of a priest in Springfield, Illnois, donning an orange jumpsuit, handcuffs and a bondage hood, then calling 911 for assistance—we’ve seen too well that clergy are only human.I’ve been a little out of sorts, unwillin … [Read more...]

Ordained for Just a Week, Then…. Heaven


Graham Turner wanted to be a priest.  It was toward that end that he enrolled at the Beda College in Rome, planning to serve in the Diocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, in Scotland.  Graham had hoped to be ordained with his class last June; but that was delayed when he was diagnosed with leukemia.During Holy Week, it became apparent that Graham’s disease was progressing and that his prognosis was poor; so Graham’s father petitioned Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinbu … [Read more...]

SAY THE BLACK AND DO THE RED: What We Really Want in the Liturgy

From my friend (and one of my favorite authors) Fr. Dwight Longenecker:  a poem from his slim little book, "A Sudden Certainty:  Priest Poems." *     *     *     *     * A STUDENT'S PLEA No, no, Father, please don't toss the mikelike a DJ when you preach.  Please don't be cool.Please don't ride a Harley motorbike          when you come to school.Don't wear red cowboy boots for Pentecost,and tell dumb jokes to be our pal.  Please don't high five;say, "Sweet!" "Awesome!" "You suck!" or … [Read more...]