Catholic Priests Lean Right; Episcopalians–Well, What Did You Expect?

Priests are Republican

Joe Carter, writing over at the Acton Institute Power Blog, has just pointed out a quirky little fact: Catholic priests vote Republican, while Protestants vote Democratic.In a way, I'm surprised:  That statistic seems to stand against the common perception of Catholics as defenders of social justice (hence liberal) and Protestants as Bible Belt conservatives.But on the other hand, most Catholics are vehemently opposed to the Democrats' golden calf of abortion-on-demand.The Acton I … [Read more...]

Facebook Is Catholic, Twitter Is Protestant?

By Wilgengebroed on Flickr [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Really? Is Facebook Catholic?That's the analysis offered by British moral theologian Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, who thinks that Twitter, conversely, is decidedly Protestant. The two social media platforms each illustrate digitally a theological worldview which corresponds to Catholicism or Protestantism.Father Lucie-Smith's full article will be published tomorrow in the Catholic Herald. As a teaser, the Herald offers this: In the article, he likens Twitter to Protestantism, saying: … [Read more...]

Tonight on CBS, a Peek Inside the Vatican Library

Vatican Archives 1

Tonight on CBS, viewers will be treated to a special hour of "60 Minutes Presents:  Inside the Vatican."  Scott Pelley will profile Pope Francis, who is surprising the world by spurning tradition; and Morley Safer will lead viewers on a tour of the Vatican Library.The program will air at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time and Pacific Time.  To whet your appetite for what is certain to be a fascinating disclosure of rarely seen documents, let me tell you a little about the things I've seen in that ha … [Read more...]