Al Gore’s Daughter Weds Under Historic Tree

Al Gore - daughter wedding

There she was, the happy bride, her ivory gown accented by the deep purple of her bridal bouquet.Sarah Gore, daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, married real estate agent Patrick Maiani in front of the Lucky Llama Coffee Shop in Carpinteria, California.Father of the bride Al Gore was on hand to give the bride away in a quick ceremony beneath the Wardholme Torrey Pine.  The world's tallest Torrey Pine tree, Wardholme Torrey Pine was planted in 1888 and stands 126 feet tall, with a 1 … [Read more...]

CHOSEN: A Confirmation Study Program to Capture Teens’ Hearts and Minds

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I was thirteen once. It was a year of deep emotional turmoil: I was awash in hormones, and I felt gangly and unattractive.I was an honor student, competent at rote memorization; but I struggled to understand the deeper meaning of the accumulated facts which competed for my attention.I was uncertain whether the faith which I'd inherited from my parents, and which had governed my life to that point, would be a life-long habit, or whether I'd go to college and drift off into something … [Read more...]

How I Almost Fell For the Catholic Spin Re. That Cordoba Baptism

Water of Baptism

Yesterday I spent a lot of time working on an article regarding the baptism of the same-sex couple's baby, little Umma Blue, in the Cordoba cathedral.My working title was: Cordoba Archbishop Decries Media Distortion Re. Baptism of Lesbians' Baby I was going to tell you about how the media has misrepresented the story, making it seem as though the Church is abandoning its constant teaching and really “getting with the times.” I wrote about the archbishop's correction of several “factual err … [Read more...]