Four 19th Century Nuns, Representing Three Nations and Four Unique Charisms, to Become Saints

They came from France, from Italy and from Palestine.  They founded new religious orders; and their orders worked with the elderly and small children, operated a monastery, established missions in many lands, and operated 50 Catholic colleges, providing an education to 35,000 new students per year. On Saturday, February 14, at the close of the Consistory, Pope Francis announced that he will elevate four holy women to sainthood in May.  The new soon-to-be-saints are: Marie-Alphonsine Danil Gh … [Read more...]

The Lord’s Jester and the Pig’s Feet: The Story of Brother Juniper

The Little Flowers of St Francis

In the Middle Ages, followers of St. Francis of Assisi collected legends and anecdotes about the lives of Francis and his followers, which were assembled in a spiritual classic entitled The Little Flowers of St. Francis.  One of the popular figures in the book is Brother Juniper, one of Francis' original followers, who has sometimes been called "The Jester of the Lord."Francis thought very highly of the friar, at one point exclaiming, "Would to God, my brothers, I had a whole forest of such J … [Read more...]

Where’s Waldo? The Saint Who Lived in a Chestnut Tree

The dogs howled and growled, their low moans threatening as they circled the gnarled trunk of the old chestnut tree.  Expecting to find a possum or a small mammal, the hunter hurried through the brush to claim his prize--but wait!The dogs seemed focused, not on the branches of the tree, but on a gaping hole in its side.  There, inside the hollowed trunk, was... a man at prayer?  No, wait... he was dead!  It was a dead man, kneeling as though at prayer inside the hollowed trunk.The hunter … [Read more...]