Who Are You? I Mean, Really….

Open Hand

I have just received an email, notifying me that for just $199.95, I can find out Who.I.Am.No, really.That’s because National Geographic has invited my participation in Geno 2.0, their next-generation Genographic Project. For my participation, I will receive, postage-paid, a Genographic Project Participation Kit which includes painless cheek swabs and instructions for submitting my DNA samples (return postage required). I will also receive a beautiful keepsake box to store my results, a … [Read more...]

The Seashell and the Three-In-One

Augustine of Hippo lived a wild life—abandoning the faith, fathering a child out of wedlock, and rejecting the values of his mother Monica.Monica, however, prayed for her son, that he would turn back to God.  For thirty years, Monica prayed unceasingly for her son—who eventually was converted, and who became one of the Church’s greatest theologians.  He was named Doctor of the Church, and the story of his dramatic conversion gives hope to mothers who pray for their wayward children, and hope … [Read more...]

I See LOTS of God-Particles!

God particle

This is the day! The science world is panting with excitement, exhilarated because scientists at Europe’s CERN research centre near Geneva have announced that the elusive Higgs boson—the subatomic particle imagined and named half a century ago by theoretical physicist Peter Higgs—has been discovered. According to Reuters, CERN Hadron Collider director general Rolf Heuer told scientists and reporters gathered at the CERN near Geneva that:  Two independent studies of data produced by smashing … [Read more...]