NEWS FLASH: Bruce Jenner Is Not a Woman

BRUCE JENNER IN 2011 By jla0379 [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE was originally published February 6, 2015, as America began to understand the course which former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner was taking, heading toward a new self-identity as a transgender "woman."In an interview which aired on April 24, Jenner spoke with ABC's Diane Sawyer about his gender identity.  "My brain is more female than it is male," claimed the troubled athlete.  My wish for him:  Not gender modification, but responsible psychological counseling to he … [Read more...]

IMAGE AND REALITY: God’s Vision for Womanhood

What makes a woman beautiful?If the magazines in the checkout aisle are to be believed, women are beautiful if they are lanky, blonde, and air-brushed.If they carry a few extra pounds after that last pregnancy, if they have greying temples or a sagging chin or a furrowed brow, they are not trying hard enough!Contemporary media--television, movies, magazines and the movie industry--all support the idea that beauty is only skin deep.  For the teen girl struggling to understand her own w … [Read more...]

Prayer Before Sex? It’ll Never Catch On!

When I was a child, I once heard my mother talking with a friend about sex.Not the “oh my gosh!” kind of sex talk. You see, the woman and her husband were very devout; and her complaint was that after they had sexual relations he would pop up, kneel beside the bed, and pray. Every time.I don’t know whether he intended it to be a prayer for forgiveness, but that’s how she took it. She felt—rightly or wrongly—that her husband considered sex to be a necessary evil, a means of conceiving chil … [Read more...]