So here we are in the home stretch.  The six weeks of Lent, during which I was going to become a new creation, are winding down.  Christ is in the tomb, and we look to His rising on Sunday morning. I have failed.  Again.I was going to pray more; but too many evenings, I communed with the TV or the computer instead.I was going to fast from sweets and overcome my love affair with processed foods; I gained a few pounds, instead.I was going to work harder, focus on my responsibilities, max … [Read more...]

CHRISTIANITY À LA CARTE: Please, Father, Give It To Me Straight!

If you’re like most Catholics in the pew, you have rarely (if ever) heard a priest preach on one of these thorny issues:Contraception Racism Premarital Sex Divorce Mandatory attendance at Sunday Mass It’s fairly easy to command, as Christ did, that we “Love one another.”  It’s easy, too, for us to smile and pat ourselves on the back, thinking about all the *LUV* that we dish out each day.  Ah, yes, we must be on the right track!But when it comes to plain old S-I-N….  Well, a lot of us … [Read more...]