Facebook Is Catholic, Twitter Is Protestant?

By Wilgengebroed on Flickr [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Really? Is Facebook Catholic?That's the analysis offered by British moral theologian Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, who thinks that Twitter, conversely, is decidedly Protestant. The two social media platforms each illustrate digitally a theological worldview which corresponds to Catholicism or Protestantism.Father Lucie-Smith's full article will be published tomorrow in the Catholic Herald. As a teaser, the Herald offers this: In the article, he likens Twitter to Protestantism, saying: … [Read more...]

Why You’ll Never See the “F” Word on My Blog


I get it: I'm older and crankier than some of you. There is an entire generation of young Americans, many of whom have a casual regard for the rules of polite speech which marked my early years. For some of these young people, the 'f' word is just another, more expressive means of communicating.To which I say: No, it isn't.Every once in a while, I have to repeat the rule that offensive speech--name calling, profanity, blasphemy and obscene speech--will not be tolerated in my combox. F … [Read more...]

Internet and Cell Phones Are “Futile”, According to Pope Francis

"Maybe many young people waste too many hours on futile things, chatting on the internet or with smart phones, watching TV soap operas, and [using] the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but which distract one's attention away from what is really important." That was Pope Francis' message yesterday to 50,000 German altar servers gathered in St. Peter's Square. In response to a question from a young server who asked how, when there are … [Read more...]