The Vatican Has a YouTube Page!

Pope Francis - Meeting w Seminarians

I guess I sort of knew this--but until today, I had never found my way over to the Vatican's YouTube page.I was delighted to find the Pope's Masses, the Sunday Angelus addresses, and various other events and addresses.  These are not brief features, like the very helpful "RomeNotes" videos.  Some of these events are an hour, two hours, or longer.If you're a Rome watcher like I am, you'll want to check it out. … [Read more...]

Facebook Is a Charleston Door

Charleston door

Charleston, South Carolina is a traveler’s delight, a swath of historical homes and fragrant gardens along the eastern seaboard.  Its tree-lined streets feature homes in the Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Italianate style alongside Victorian mansions and Adamesque estates.Visiting our son this week in South Carolina, my husband and I spent a sun-splashed Sunday afternoon walking and driving through Charleston’s lower peninsula.  There, Spanish moss drips from live oaks and brigh … [Read more...]

You Want to Be My “Friend”? Then Tell Me Who You Are!!


OK, this is just a puzzle to me. WHY IN THE WORLD would someone join Facebook, then disguise or hide his or her face?WHY would this elusive entity replace his/her profile pic with a bouquet of flowers, or a rock star, or some saint or public figure of olde, or a photo of his dog?AND WHY would this enigmatic soul mate adopt a fake name like “Padre Pio” or “Lovely Sun” or “IGotRabies” or “CookiesnCream”?AND WHY would this cryptic compatriot then send me a friend request?AND WHY … [Read more...]