Party Hearty, Michiganders: It’s SOCIAL MEDIA DAY!

Gov Rick Snyder

Hurray, Facebook!  Let’s hear it for Twitter!  C’mon, YouTube!If you’re in Michigan, as I am—and if you’re reading this post on-line, as you are—then let’s hear it for Social Media Day!!Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder, whose Twitter handle is @onetoughnerd, signed the proclamation on June 27, bringing to three the number of states which officially celebrate Social Media Day on June 30. And my home state of Michigan is no slouch, media-wise!  Boasting 137 social media accounts on Faceb … [Read more...]

Blogging Bishops: Faith in the Digital Areopagus

The Areopagus - on the hillside near Athens

In ancient Greece, the“areopagus” was the meeting point, the arena where intellectuals and philosophers gathered for discussion and debate.  The great high court of Athens, it was said that the god Ares was tried at the areopagus for the death of Poseidon’s son Alirrothios.  Like the “town square” of colonial America, the areopagus was the place where announcements were made, where ideas were debated, where criminal and civil cases were decided.The Apostle Paul spoke to the leaders i … [Read more...]

Offensive? Really, Facebook, You've Got to Be Kidding!

Well, this was a first for me:  Today Facebook deleted a post I’d written, telling me that I’d offended community standards, and warning me that I should delete any other offensive content on my wall, or risk being permanently removed from Facebook.It’s been a few weeks since the post in question, so I am no longer able to go back and retrieve the conversation—but this is exactly what I said in my "hateful, offensive" post: Just poppin' in here a little late-- but I want to understand what I'm … [Read more...]