An Atheist in Heaven: Eben Alexander’s Venture Into Eternity

Proof of Heaven

I adored th[e] simplicity—the absolute honesty and cleanness of science.  I respected that it left no room for fantasy or for sloppy thinking.  If a fact could be established as tangible and trustworthy, it was accepted.  If not, then it was rejected. This approach left very little room for the soul and the spirit, for the continuing existence of a personality after the brain that supported it stopped functioning.  It left even less room for those words I’d heard in church again and again:  “life … [Read more...]

If God Filled You Up, It Might Feel Like This

8 Days and This

I've written before about the work of Andrew McNabb.  Andrew and I are friends, and we've shared our hearts--on Facebook and in person.  Once, when I was in Portland, Maine on business, Andrew and I sat and chatted in a coffee shop near his home.  And in December 2010, I wrote about my sheer delight with the stories in The Body of This, McNabb's first published work.Now, Divine Providence Press has released a combination text, Eight Days & Virtue.  Sort of a two-fer, the book includes Vir … [Read more...]

Does Social Media Drown Out God? Or Does It Draw You Closer?

Social media is drowning out God.  Young people need to find silence away from the constant "noise" of social media in order to encounter Him.That's the warning from Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.  Speaking to youth at Invocation 2014, a British discernment retreat for young people on July 4-6, the archbishop said: "Today there is so much noise, with social media, we don't understand the value of silence....  We go a … [Read more...]