Ron Rolheiser’s “Sacred Fire”: Nudging Us Toward a More Mature Discipleship

Sacred Fire 001

My first recollection of the writings of Fr. Ronald Rolheiser dates back many years, to his popular weekly column in our local Catholic newspaper. He's a good spiritual writer, engaging and prophetic; so when I was invited to review his newest book Sacred Fire:  A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity for the Patheos Book Club, I embraced the opportunity.He doesn't disappoint. In Sacred Fire, Rolheiser draws the reader toward mature discipleship—relying for inspiration on cl … [Read more...]

Spirit and Song: Elvis Presley’s Lifelong Quest

Elvis Seeker King

I knew that Elvis's repertoire included some songs that were deeply spiritual.  I wrote about him two years ago, featuring one of those selections.But I didn't know, prior to reading Gary Tillery's The Seeker King: A Spiritual Biography of Elvis Presley, that Elvis was so immersed in the quest for God. I didn't know that faith played so large a role in Elvis' life and career, even to the last minutes of his life.But there, in the pages of this well-told story, I could see it:As a … [Read more...]

An Atheist in Heaven: Eben Alexander’s Venture Into Eternity


I adored th[e] simplicity—the absolute honesty and cleanness of science.  I respected that it left no room for fantasy or for sloppy thinking.  If a fact could be established as tangible and trustworthy, it was accepted.  If not, then it was rejected.This approach left very little room for the soul and the spirit, for the continuing existence of a personality after the brain that supported it stopped functioning.  It left even less room for those words I’d heard in church again and again:  “l … [Read more...]