Triskaidekaphobians, Take Cover! It’s Friday the Thirteenth!

Friday the thirteenth

Check your wall calendar!  (Oh, all right—Check your cell phone, or your wristwatch, or your computer monitor.)  It’s Friday the 13th!It’s a day which can strike terror into the hearts of superstitious people everywhere!  Triskaidekaphobians—people who are afraid of the number 13—somehow believe that numbers have meaning, that 13 is a particularly unlucky number which, when paired with the unlucky day of Friday, may bring bad fortune.A subset of those fearful people is the Paraskavedek … [Read more...]

Jesus Is So Much Better Than Fabric Softener

Jesus in fabric softener

Oh, not again.It seems that Jesus has popped up again—this time in Great Britain, and this time revealing Himself in the laundry.I really don’t like to criticize someone’s earnest faith experience; but the Laundry Softener Jesus or Chicago’s greasy Our Lady of the Underpass don’t really build faith, so much as they make a laughing stock of Christian belief.  Guys like the unbelievers over at Patheos’ atheist portal read stories like this, and they mistakenly paint all Christians with the … [Read more...]

God and Goldfish: Inspiration from Your Friends at Pepperidge Farm

Goldfish cracker 2

The Internet’s been abuzz this week with news that Patti Burke, a cracker-lovin’ woman from Melbourne, Florida, has had a message from God.During Holy Week, the earnest Christian woman opened a package of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (she eats two to three pounds of them every week) and discovered that one of her crackers was misshapen—and that the oddly fashioned cracker featured a cross and a crown.Sure that she had received a sign from God, Burke called the company, where an employee confi … [Read more...]