R.I.P. Alice! The Brady Bunch Won’t Be the Same Without You

Ann B. Davis

Ann B. Davis, best known for her role as Alice Nelson, the quirky housekeeper on The Brady Bunch, died this morning in the religious commune in San Antonio where she lived.The 88-year-old star was said to be in good health when she struck her head in an unexpected bathroom fall.  According to her close friend, Episcopal Bishop William Frey, the bump caused a subdural hematoma.  She never regained consciousness. *     *     *     *     *  Davis was a familiar face on television in the '60s a … [Read more...]

Stephen Baldwin to Play Pastor With a Pub in Proposed New Family-Friendly Sitcom

Stephen Baldwin as Pastor Keaton

 A Pastor Walks Into a Bar…It’s not a joke!  A new sitcom is in development which chronicles the unlikely story of a pastor who inherits the Hard Knocks Bar right across the street from his church.Actor Stephen Baldwin would play Pastor Keaton of Solid Rock Church, the lead role in “Rock and a Hard Place”, a television series envisioned by radio personality and comedian Darren Marlar.  John W. Schlitt of the Christian rock band Petra has also been slated to play a role in the … [Read more...]

A Lesson to Networks from “The Sound of Music”: Wholesome Entertainment Sells

Sound of Music - Carrie Underwood

I hope you enjoyed NBC’s live television broadcast of “The Sound of Music” on Thursday evening.How successful was the broadcast? There were some weaknesses, to be sure:  Myself, I enjoyed Carrie Underwood’s performance in the role of Maria, but I found “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer unconvincing as Captain Von Trapp.  Overall, though, I enjoyed it tremendously.And according to early reports, “The Sound of Music” gave NBC its biggest non-sports Thursday since the finale of “ER” in 200 … [Read more...]