A Lesson to Networks from “The Sound of Music”: Wholesome Entertainment Sells

Sound of Music - Carrie Underwood

I hope you enjoyed NBC’s live television broadcast of “The Sound of Music” on Thursday evening.How successful was the broadcast? There were some weaknesses, to be sure:  Myself, I enjoyed Carrie Underwood’s performance in the role of Maria, but I found “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer unconvincing as Captain Von Trapp.  Overall, though, I enjoyed it tremendously.And according to early reports, “The Sound of Music” gave NBC its biggest non-sports Thursday since the finale of “ER” in 200 … [Read more...]

“The Sound of Music” for a New Generation: Carrie Underwood Brings Energy to Role of Maria

Sound of Music

Watch live!  Win prizes! It is my sincere pleasure this evening to offer you a chance to win some really cool stuff!  I have two giveaway packets for “The Sound of Music” that include a poster, T-shirt and CD featuring songs from the musical, including a few from Carrie Underwood.Two lucky readers will win these “The Sound of Music” giveaway packets on December 5.Winners will be selected from those who comment on this post between now and December 4; I’ll announce the winners on December … [Read more...]

Production Team to Duck Dynasty: Stop Praying, Start Cursing?

"This," says Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, "is Hollywood hitting the Kingdom of God."

“They told us to cut Jesus from prayers, to avoid offending Muslims.”That’s what Phil Robertson, the bearded star of the popular A&E reality series Duck Dynasty, told Sports Spectrum magazine in a recent interview.Breitbart quotes from the interview with stars Willie and Phil Robertson, explaining how their words were edited to remove any reference to Jesus: When we prayed, we said, ‘in Jesus’ name, amen.’  I don’t have a verse that says you must always pray in the name of Jesus, but … [Read more...]